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Calle Paez - Detras de la Catedral, CUMANA - ESTADO SUCRE - VENEZUELA


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(+33) 4 66 37 26 03
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Youenn Jacquin


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tourism professionals :

You are tourism professionals, TOPaz is extending its services to you for group traveling: incentive traveling, associative traveling, corporate and motivation traveling. TOPaz has been the privileged partner of groups traveling to Venezuela since thirteen years. TOPaz has deep knowledge of the region and has studied and tested all the tours it offers. We guarantee reliable and quality services attested by top references. 


Independent travelers :

You like action, adventure, you are also looking to relax yet you appreciate to be comfy. Together with TOPaz compose your vacations according to your wishes and allotted budget. Walk on the oldest tabular mountains in the world, the Roraima or trek the highest tops of the Andes Cordillera. Roam the infinite extent of the Gran Sabana and the Llanos. Navigate along the most fabled rivers in the world such as the Orinoco or the Amazon. Let yourself relax and daydream on fine-sanded beaches.


Cruise organizers :

You are Cruise organizers, offer a new destination for your stop-over in South America: Cumaná in Venezuela. As an experienced partner, we organize your stop-over on turn-key basis: land excursions, cultural events in Cumaná, the very first city founded in the Americas.