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You are tourism professionals, TOPaz is extending its services to you for group traveling: incentive traveling, associative traveling, corporate and motivation traveling. TOPaz has been the privileged partner of groups traveling to Venezuela since thirteen years. TOPaz has deep knowledge of the region and has studied and tested all the tours it offers. We guarantee reliable and quality services attested by top references.

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Discovered by Christopher Columbus during his third journey, land of Eldorado to the Conquistadores, Venezuela is Simon Bolivar’s birthplace, the Libertador who freed Spanish America in XIX century. It is also the homeland of the black gold (oil) which secured its prosperity from 1920s onward. History rich, situated at the crossroads of Andean, Caribbean and Amazonian cultural influences, Venezuela is also a country full of natural contrasts with a blend of deserts from its western point to the Delta of Orinoco at its eastern point, snow-covered mountain tops in the Andes, the Caribbean Sea stretching along its coastline, the great plains of the interior and the Amazon rainforest.


Your DEMAND will be treated with care. For a customized quotation, please click here or Contact Us

You are Cruise organizers,  offer a new destination for your stop-over in South America: Cumaná in Venezuela. As an experienced partner, we organize your stop-over on turn-key basis: land excursions, cultural events in Cumaná, the very first city founded in the Americas.