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Calle Paez - Detras de la Catedral, CUMANA - ESTADO SUCRE - VENEZUELA


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Youenn Jacquin

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Sailing boat

Renting minimum weeklySailing boat 

Fellow navigator, board one of our sailboats

The geographical situation of the country explains the exceptional sunniness and the absence of Huricane in Venezuela

  •    Destination the Coral Islands: Los Roques, Las Aves, La Tortuga and La Blanquilla. These islands offer numerous moorage and magnificent white-sand beaches surrounded with clear water, emerald green or turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea. Swimming, scuba-diving and fishing are very good, yet just strolling around offers also nice discoveries…
  • Destination the Venezuela coastline : still authentic virgin coves for the lovers of original places. Hoist the sails towards great contrasted landscapes between mountains, cliffs and luxurious greenery. Bound for the tropical lagoons dotted with islets shaped like Japanese gardens, ocher and orange earth, numerous canyons edged with arid greenery of cactuses, thorn bushes and heavy plants.
PRICES and informations upon request, please click here or on “Contact Us”
                                                 Renting minimum weekly, from 2 to 12 persons

  • Monohull 11 meters, equipped
    2 double cabins, 1 bath. Renting daily or weekly with skipper speaking English. For maximum 4 persons
  • Catamaran 14 meters, fully equipped and comfortable
    3 double cabins, 2 baths. Renting minimum weekly with skipper and hostess. For maximum 6/8 persons.
  • Turkish Caïque 24 meters, fully equipped, very comfortable
    6 double cabins, 6 baths. Renting minimum weekly with skipper, hostess and speaking English. For maximum 12 persons.
skippers and hostesses, owners of the boats have over twenty years of sailing experience and have navigated extensively all over the area and beyond from Venezuela to the Antilles.
Renting minimum weekly, from 2 to 12 persons

PRICES and informations upon request, please click here or on “Contact Us”