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Venezuela - Tierra Magica



Venezuela is situated on the Caribbean Coast of South America, north of Brazil, between Colombia and Guyana. Its south-east part is dominated by the Guyanese mountain range and the Llanos – great plains of the Orinoco depression which occupy 30% of the territory. The Andean Cordillera culminates at 5007 meters at the Pico Bolivar peak.



The climate is mainly tropical, mitigated by a moderated warm zone along the Caribbean coast. Temperatures do not vary much (Caracas 18-20 degrees Celsius, Cumana 27-30 degrees Celsius). The different climatic zones in the country are defined mainly by precipitations.


The relative aridity of the northern coastal plains give way to heavier rains in the Llanos and the Guyanese mountain range (150 cm per year in average). The dry season (verano) starts in December till April and the humid season (invierno) covers the rest of the year.



-5:30 hours in winter, -6:30 hours in summer. When it is 12.00 noon in London, it is respectively, 07:30 AM and 06:30 AM in Venezuela.


The currency denomination is the BOLIVAR FUERTE (Bsf)

US dollar and European currency Euro are the most commonly accepted currencies in Venezuela. Credit cards VISA and MASTERCARD also are widely accepted and allow to draw money easily and pay in hotels, rent-a-car, restaurants and shops of higher category.Espagnol






Carnival is the most colorful holiday of all, taking place Monday and Tuesday that precede Ash Wednesday. It differs from one region to the other and consist of music, dances and fancy-dressed parades. The one at Carúpano is most outstanding. Given the deep roots of the Catholic religion, most of the national events match the Christian calendar.  Apart from Easter, Christmas and Corpus Christi, there are numerous celebrations of local saints all along the year.



The Catholic religion widely dominates in the country, and it has also been adopted by the Amerindian populations.  Only the tribes living in very secluded zones have kept their ancestral worship. Protestantism is presently gaining grounds, attracting former Catholics.



Citizens from EU countries and Switzerland do not need visa if they stay less than three months in the country. An exit tax of about 55 US$ aproximately is requested, payable at time of check-in when living the country. Passports should have a minimum validity of at least 3 months at time of entry.



It is required for entry to Venezuela, to have anti-malaria and yellow fever treatment available. It is recomended to have and updated vaccination booklet for poliomyelitis, tetanus, diphtheria and hepatitis. Please consult your doctor before departure.

In order to avoid or treat unpleasantness caused eventually by new food habits, it is recommended to take along with you some basic medicines such as Imodium or Intetrix. Also bring along with you, mosquito-repellent, aspirin, antihistaminic (cold, air-sea-sick, allergy, mosquito-sting) and an antiseptic. If you are under medical treatment, be sure to bring your medicines and the prescription for them.



Local voltage is 110/120 volts. It is recommended to use bi-voltage apparatuses and an adapter for European and American plugs (flat plugs). Also bring a flash light.



It is advisable to be practical and travel lightly. Take light clothing, preferably cotton, large and comfy, such as shorts, T-shirts and the like. Better wear long sleeves at night due to mosquito nocturne activities. Easy waterproof marching shoes easy to take off. Baskets for strolling in forests, sandals for waterfalls.
Do not forget your bathing suit, a straw hat or a cap, sunglasses and the indispensable tanning cream or oil. Bring also a windbreaker and binoculars for faun observation.
Do not bring any valuable jewelry.



Luggage total weigh is limited to 15 or 20 kilos maximum per person.
Better bring soft canvas than heavy and hard ones like Samsonite.



To call EU countries and Switzerland, mark the international prefix 00 followed by the country’s prefix and the 10 digits of your correspondent. Example, for France, 0033 followed by the 10 digits. Exceptions: for Switzerland 0041 followed by 9 digits. For USA and Canada, mark 001 followed by 10 digits.
To call Venezuela from EU countries USA and Canada, mark 0058 followed by the area prefix without the 0 and the number of your correspondent.

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